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Your Web Footed Friends promise to listen, to look at several alternative solutions to achieve your organizational goals and to recommend that action which we would take ourselves if we were in your situation.


Talent is everywhere. Everyone should develop their talent and overwhelm their weaknesses. Organizations can achieve their missions based on probabilities if they can measure available talent, measure the talent required for each role, and match talent to tasks.

The primary responsibility and legacy of leadership is to get the right people on the team, the wrong people off the team, and every one on the team playing the right position.


Web Footed Friends is a virtual organization; bringing together talented individuals to address our clients need in pursuit of organizational growth and excellence.


Dr. Patricia Anne Lindley
BA, Ph.D., Dip RD, C Psychol, AFBPsS

Dr. Lindley is the Director of Newland Park Associates Ltd and an Honorary Senior Fellow in psychology at the University of Hull. She is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist holds a number of positions in the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Dr. Lindley is currently:

  • Chief Assessor for the Board of Examiners for the Division Occupational Psychology.
  • A member of the Steering Committee for Test Standards.
  • A verifier for Level B Intermediate and Level B full standards in Occupational Testing.
She is a member of the Workshop Group for the development of International Test Standards with the International Test Commission (ITC). Dr. Lindley has been a member of the development team responsible for the production of Prevue™ (TotalView™) and is currently leading the team who are working on new ideas and developments for future ICES products.

She has written a range of technical reports,
  • Is co-author of a book on stress management and personal effectiveness techniques.
  • The review of Psychometric Tests for Assessment in Vocational Training.
  • The Open Learning Modules in Level A Psychological Testing for BPS Books.
Dr. Lindley has been Consultant Editor for the subsequent publications of Reviews of Tests and Personality Instruments and is currently Senior Editor of the new edition of The Review of Personality Instruments to be published in the year 2000.

Dr. Dave Bartram
B.A., Ph.D., C.Psychol., F.B.Ps.S., F.Erg.S.

Dr. Dave Bartram is Dean of Faculty of Science and the Environment, and Professor of Psychology in Department of Psychology at the University of Hull. He is a founder member and director of Newland Park Associates Ltd. (NAPL), Bartdale (Human Factors Specialists) Ltd. and HADC Ltd. He is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and a Fellow of the Ergonomics Society.

His research interests and specialization are in psychometrics and computer based assessments in the occupational, work, and organizational sector. He is the author of over two hundred journal articles, technical reports, books, and book chapters, most of which concern assessment and issues related to assessment particularly in the context of personnel selection. In addition he has been responsible for the design and implementation of a range of assessment software products and paper-and-pencil tests which are used in countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa, and Singapore.

His current research interests include the use of distance training using the Internet. Dave Bartram is a Charted Occupational Psychologist and Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BOS). He is a member of the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology, a member of the BPS Steering Committee on Test Standards. He currently sits on the BPS Membership and Qualifications Board and is a member of the BPS Council. He is also a Fellow of the Ergonomics Society.

He was elected to the Council of the International Test Commission (ITC) in 1994 and is heading an ITC project on the development of international guidelines for standards in test use. He is the UK representative on the EFPPA Task Force on Tests and Testing. He has been a member of various UK Department of Education and Employment (DfEE) Advisory Groups concerned with assessment.

He is currently working with FEDA on a QCA funded project on the development of computer-based initial assessment instruments for applicants for FE courses. He has also worked with QCA on projects associated with the role of Higher Education in the delivery of NVQs and he chairs the Consultative Working Group for Occupational Standards in Applied Psychology. He has worked as a consultant with a range of national and international organizations both in the UK and abroad, specializing in the design, implementation, and validation of assessment procedures and personnel selection at all levels.

He is currently the Cabinet Office's external auditor and advisor to their Customer Consortium for the Civil Service Administrative Fast Stream recruitment process.

Dr. Marcia A. Petrini

Dr. Petrini teaches pediatric nursing and international nursing in the graduate interdisciplinary program, and supervises research studies in undergraduate programs at Yamaguchi Prefectural University in Yamaguchi, Japan. An international consultant, Petriniís recent assignments have included the following:

  • Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
  • Project HOPE
  • Zhejiang University
  • Beijing University
  • Nagano College of Nursing
  • World Health Organization
  • Japan
  • USA, China, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Hangzhou, China
  • China
  • Komagane, Japan
  • China, Western Somoa

University faculty appointments have included State University of N.Y., Catholic University of America, Imperial Medical Center of Iran, Youngstown State University, University of Cincinnati, and Thiel College in Greenville, PA.

A prolific author, grant recipient, researcher and educator, Petrini has received numerous awards from cities, universities, hospitals, and governments. One of her most unusual honors was bestowed in 1998, when the Prime Minister of Samoa dedicated the Petrini Day Care Center in her honor.

Engaged in on going research since 1963 on teaching methodology, clinical teaching, curriculum design, and methods to teach critical thinking Dr. Petrini holds membership in Phi Beta Kappa and numerous other associations and societies.

Linda H. Petrini, President

Linda H. Petrini, President
Web Footed Friends, Inc.

Linda was a competitive swimmer and record holder in high school and college. She served as co-venue director for tennis at the 1984 Olympics at Los Angeles.

Experienced in Financial Services, Executive Search and management, Linda is passionately committed to helping organizations make their world a better place to work. Linda specializes in Selection and Leadership Information Systems.

Also an avid wine collector and connoisseur (clearly underage!) Linda consults boutique restaurants and boutique wineries, designing the ultimate in food and wine pairings.

Leo V. Petrini, MSM, MSFS

A co-founder of Web Footed Friends, Leo has extensive experience in management, marketing, sales, and training. A futurist by avocation, Petrini has participated in numerous strategic planning projects and specializes in customizing management systems for senior management.

A successful entrepreneur, public speaker, community activist and family man, Leo seeks to work for enlightened executives and boards who seek to transform their organizations and create high achieving dynasties.

Linda and Leo Petrini
Linda and Leo Petrini

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